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Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah & The Beliefs of the Ash`aris

A class conducted on Ummah Radio. Recitation and Explanation of the Matn of Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah, along with an explanation of the Ash`ari `Aqeedah in light of aspersions cast by Salafis.

As well as a brief history behind why the Ash`ari and Maatureedee Madhaahib were formulated.


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Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah


A basic, simple, straightforward text on `aqeedah, consisting of the beliefs of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa`ah in a nutshell, and as the last line says: “It contains nothing that a Sunni rejects”.


So whether you’re a new muslim, or even if you’re an old muslim, this book appeals to all.




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