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Egypt’s top cleric plans face veil ban in schools

Egypt’s top Islamic cleric is planning to ban students wearing the face veil from entering the schools of Al Azhar, Sunni Islam’s premier institute of learning, according to a newspaper report.

A security official also said that police have orders to bar girls covered from head to toe from entering Al Azhar’s institutions, including middle and high schools, as well as the dormitories of several universities in Cairo.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the ban was for security reasons.

The moves appear to be part of a government campaign cracking down on increasingly overt manifestations of conservative Islam in Egypt. 

While a vast majority of Egyptian women wear the headscarf, only some wear the niqab, which covers the face and is common in neighbouring Saudi Arabia.
Cleric Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi’s plans came to light when he told a middle school student in a class he was visiting earlier this week to take off her niqab.

Tantawi was inspecting Al Azhar’s schools at the start of the academic year to check on measures in place to stem the spread of swine flu, according to details of the visit published by the independent daily Al Masry Al Youm.

Tantawi angrily told the girl that the niqab “has nothing to do with Islam and is only a custom” and made her take it off.

He then announced he would soon issue an order banning girls from entering Al Azhar schools wearing the niqab.

We would like to mention in this context that Sheikh Tantawi has repeatedly characterized his statements and attacks in favor of the authorities and kafirs, which was the cause of dissatisfaction and criticism from Islamic scholars from Egypt and other countries.


Source: Agencies

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Fatwa declares India ‘Dar al-Aman’

Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: Challenged by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to issue a fatwa (religious edict) declaring India a Dar al-Aman (country friendly to Islam), where jihad (holy war) is meaningless, the country’s top Islamic seminary, the Darul Uloom at Deoband, on Sunday did just that.

The fatwa was read out at a large rally in Bhubaneshwar organised by the Orissa unit of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, attended by Chief Minister Navneen Patnaik and numerous other bigwigs.

“The Indian Constitution guarantees equal protection and rights for all communities. Therefore, for Muslims, India is Dar al-Aman or a Muslim-friendly country,” the fatwa said.

The VHP had also urged the Darul Uloom to spell out whether Muslims should regard Hindus as kafirs (non-believers). The fatwa came from the hand and seal of Mufti Mahmood Hasan Bulandsheri of Darul Uloom’s fatwa department, in response to questions posed by Mahmood Madani, who heads the Jamiat.

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Al-Azhar’s head Tantawi comes to an agreement with Vatican to carry out ‘cleanup’ of Islamic textbooks

On photo: Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, head of Al-Azhar University, had given a secret order on “cleanup” of Islamic textbooks a long time.

According to sources from Egypt, the head of the oldest Islamic university Al-Azhar, which is more than 1000 year old, Tantawi has promised Vatican to rewrite the Islamic textbooks. The formal ground for “cleaning” of Islamic books has become a idea of the need to “respect the other world religions”.

This Tantawi’s decision angered Egyptian scholars.

“Muslims respect all other religions,” Sheikh Youssef el-Badri, a preacher and a former official from Al-Azhar, says. “I challenge anybody to find any such offensive materials in our school books.”

According to IslamOnline the officials from Al-Azhar met with cardinals from the Vatican in Rome on February 24-25 to discuss the so-called “steps for building world peace and friendly relations”.

“Scholastic books should be revised in order not to contain material which may offend the religious sentiments of other believers at times through the erroneous presentation of dogmas, morals or history,” said in the joint statement of the Vatican and the official spokesman of Al-Azhar.

However, the document did not say how exactly they intend to do that.

This “agreement” has aggravated the anger of Egypt’s religious scholars, including some from al-Azhar.

“Muslims are in no need to rewrite their books,” says Taha Riyan, a professor of religious principles at al-Azhar University.

Meanwhile, Al-Azhar officials say Grand Imam Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi had ordered a revision of school textbooks a long time ago.

Based on this fact, the textbooks have not have a single word insulting other religions, Ulema concerned that the main purpose of “cleanup” of textbooks is an attempt to dilute the main provisions of Islam, that enemies of Islam has been unhappy 1430 years already.

We would like to remind that last year the Vatican issued a formal statement and called on the followers of Islam to “reform their religion”. In particular, the Vatican demanded Muslims to abandon the Jihad.

Pope Benedict’s adviser “on Islam” (yes, there is such a position in the Vatican) said that the provision of Jihad should be deleted from the Koran.

He stated that “Muslim leaders must speak against Jihad” and recognize the Jihad as “violence”.

Last year Tauran complained that “theological debate with Muslims was difficult as they saw the Koran as the literal word of Allah and would not discuss it in depth”.

In Christianity there is no problem with the word of God. Dozens of versions of the Bible are printed. And even the same version may be subjected to additional correction for any reason.

The Christians are correcting the word of “their” God depending on the circumstances or their worldviews.

An interesting debate on the topic – “Is the Bible True Word of God?” – between Ahmed Deedat and Christian preacher Pastor Stanley Sjoberg can be viewed at this link.

As far as the Muslims go, they really firmly believe that each word of the Koran is sacred, and not a single word or a single letter can ever be removed from the holy text.

Meanwhile Tauran advised Muslims to establish “their own Vatican”, a “united center of Islamic religious authority”, with whom one could do negotiate.

We would like to mention in this regard that religion and life are inseparable in Islam. Islam is a comprehensive law and way of life which does not imply division into secularism and religious.

While in the Christian (or Western) way of thinking reigns the formula of “Render unto Ceasar… render unto God…”, in Islam other formula is approved – “all render unto God”.

The primary objective of the enemies of Islam – to separate the religion from secular life at any cost.

As a part of this war, for example, the Zionists opened a pseudo-Muslim website – “Muslims against Sharia”, which has declared the need to “correct” the word of Allah (Subhana va Taala), and remove from the Koran all that the enemies of Islam view as “incompatible with norms of modern society”.

In an editorial appeal the Zionists write:

“Sharia Law must be abolished, because it is incompatible with norms of modern society. We need to remove outdated verses from the Koran”. And according to the Zionists, who declared themselves as “Muslim reformers”, such verses are contained in almost half of the Koran. Here you can read the list of verses that are not liked by the enemies of Islam and which, in their opinion, should be removed from the Koran

According to their squalid views, the Most High did not take some things into consideration and turned out to be wrong on certain points (subhanulLah).

Besides, some Chechen Democrats publicly express solidarity with the enemies of Islam and actively play into their hands.

Thus, former Foreign Minister of former CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) Ahmed Zakayev, who lives in London, works closely with the most odious Zionist anti-Islamic periodicals. On March 19 he gave an interview to Front Page Magazine, as well as to the already mentioned website “Muslims against Sharia”, which are waging frenzied informational war against Islam, calling the religion of Allah “Islamo-Fascism”, demanding to ban Jihad, to reduce the Koran, to abandon the Sharia and to demonstratively publish offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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Al-Qaradawi Invokes Mercy Upon the Pope

(In an al-Jazeerah program back in 2005 after the death of the pope, al-Qaradawi had the following to say.)

It has been our habit on this program to speak about the great scholars of the Muslims when they left this world to the abode of the hereafter, but today we are not upon this habit, we are speaking about a great figure, but not a great figure from the great Muslim figures, but he is a great figure from the great figures of the Christians (Masee7iyyah), and he is the chief bishop, pope John Paul II, pope of the Vatican and the catholic church, and the most referred to person in the Christian religion.

He had passed away yesterday, and the world had spread the news of this death, and it is our right, no our incumbent duty to send our condolences to the Christian nation and to the Christian bishops in the Vatican and those not in the Vatican who are in other churches around the world, and some of them are our friends, so that we can meet them in more conferences and more seminars and more dialogue, we send to these people our condolences for the death of this chief bishop who the Christians had freely chosen, we Muslims dream of having a likeness to this that will make it possible for the (Muslim) scholars of the Ummah to choose their High Shaykh or their High Imaam freely, and not by the specifying of one by a state from any of the states, or a government from the governments.

We send our condolences for this pope who had stands for which he is remembered and thanked, it is possible that some Muslims say he did not make excuses for the crusader wars and what transpired in it of the tragedies to the Muslims like how he makes excuses for the Jews, and some blame him for some things, but the general people does not do that, and he was sincere and vigorous in spreading his religion despite his old age. And he travelled the whole world and visited lands, and amongst those lands was the Muslim lands, and he was sincere for his religion, and he was amongst the most vigorous is spreading his call (da’wah), and (calling) for bringing faith (Eemaan) in his message (risaalah), and he had political stands which will be written down amongst his good deeds, like his stand against the wars in general.

He was a man, a peaceful man, and a peaceful caller (daa’ee), and he stood against the Iraq war and against the building of the Israeli wall in the land of the Palestinians and he condemned the Jews for doing that. And he has other stands like these, for which he is remembered and thanked.

We can do nothing but ask Allaah Ta’aala to have mercy on him and reward him in accordance for the good he has done for humanity, and what he has left behind of righteous deeds, or good actions, and we send our condolences to the Christians in all the churches of the world, and to our friends in Rome, and to our friends in the Jam’iyyah Saint Tedio (I do not know what its English name is) in Rome, and we ask Allaah to compensate (for the death of the pope) the Christian nation with good.

From the program Sharee’ah and Hayaa on the Al-Jazeerah Channel.

On the 16th of Rabee’ Al-Awwal 1426 – 26th of April 2005

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