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Knowledge Mandates Action

The name of this kitaab is “Iqtidaa ul-‘ilm al-‘amal” (Knowledge mandates action), it’s written by imaam khateeb al-baghdaadi, and it is a must read for every single person studying the deen, and recommended for the rest of the muslims at large too.


Knowledge is meant to be acted upon, but some of us fall short in doing so, and this kitaab addresses that, and I have not read a more eye opening kitaab than this.


May Allaah grant us the ability to practice upon whatever we learn and not to be from those who preach but do not practice nor from those who simply horde knowledge, Aameen.


Right click link and save target as: http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/Iqtidaa%20ul%20Ilm%20al%20Amal.pdf



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