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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Allaahumma ‘Allimnaa Maa Yanfa’unaa, Wanfa’naa Bimaa ‘Allamtanaa Wa Zidnaa ‘Ilmaa…

Allaahumma Laa Sahla Illaa Maa Ja’altahu Sahlaa, Wa Anta Taj’alul Hazna Idhaa Shi’ta Sahlaa…

Allaahummaj’al Nawaayaanaa Khaalisatan Li Wajhikal Kareem.

Introduction to Mishkaat Al-Masaabeeh.

The full name of the Kitaab is Mishkaat Al-Masaabeeh, it was written by Imaam Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullaah Al-Khateeb At-Tabreezee Rahimahullaah who passed away in 737 AH.

He based this kitaab of his upon the kitaab of Imaam Al-Baghawi Rahimahullaah who passed away in 512 AH called “Masaabeeh As-Sunnah”, in that kitaab Imaam Al-Baghawi Rahimahullaah had quoted many Ahaadeeth whose Asaaneed (chains) he left out for the sake of being brief, and because of that he was criticised by some ‘Ulamaa even though the narrations may have been authentic, because it was the habit of the Muhadditheen that when they quoted a Hadeeth they would quote the entire chain with it.

So Imaam At-Tabreezee Rahimahullaah decided to set straight some of the things left out by Imaam Al-Baghawi Rahimahullaah, so he added the sources for all the Ahaadeeth, be it from Saheeh Al-Bukhaari, or Sunan At-Tirmidhi, or from Al-Bayhaqi and the various other compilations of Hadeeth, without adding the entire chain because whoever wants to know the chain of a particular Hadeeth can then look it up in the Hadeeth book mentioned. He also added chapters, and split it into three parts, the first part for Ahaadeeth which are in Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, the second for Ahaadeeth from the other books of Hadeeth, and the third for any other narrations which is related to the topic.
Mishkaat is not a book of Ahaadeeth like Saheeh Al-Bukhaari, it’s more like Riyaadh As-Saaliheen of Imaam An-Nawawi Rahimahullaah which simply quotes Ahaadeeth from the various books of Hadeeth.

With regards to the future lessons (In-Shaa Allaah) and the authenticity of the Ahaadeeth quoted, i will try as far as possible to mention how the Muhadditheen have graded it, Be it Saheeh or Hasan or Dha’eef or Ghareeb etc, and what Masaa’il are derived from the Hadeeth, and what is the meaning of the Hadeeth, and if i make any mistakes in it then inform me so that i may correct it In-Shaa Allaah.

We shall commence with the first Hadeeth in the next lesson In-Shaa Allaah, Wallaahul Musta’aan.


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